Spring is the ideal time to install the air conditioner

You have the right time to be ready for temperature rise and you can do the work indoors and outdoors without the problem of cold or weather typical of the season winter. Once you have chosen the air conditioner most suited to your needs in terms of power, number of split and desired options, there are some precautions to keep in mind when installing the air conditioner, to avoid unpleasant problems, malfunctions and waste of energy. In order to know more about Aircon service Geelong, you can always seek help online.

Positioning of units and pipes

The outdoor unit must be positioned in a place suitably free of obstacles and protected from the elements and from the aggressions of external agents such as strong sun exposure, rain, etc. at the same time, the outdoor unit of the air conditioner must be positioned in an easily accessible way for maintenance or replacement. The outdoor unit must be positioned on a perfectly horizontal axis, supported by special metal brackets if placed on the wall or floor supports if placed on a terrace. With regard to the piping, it is advisable to choose specific supply and discharge pipes that comply with the law and with the instructions given in the air conditioning installation manual. In particular, as far as the pipe required for condensate discharge is concerned, the pipe must be spirally corrugated and specially made for this purpose in order to avoid deformations in time and damage that would force the pipe to be replaced in a short time. The indoor units will instead be positioned so as to be easily accessible for maintenance, cleaning and replacement, free from obstacles that could compromise the effectiveness of the air jet and prevent proper ventilation of the split, without forgetting to place them in order to prevent the airflow from coming too direct to people.

How much does it cost to install an air conditioner?

If a portable air conditioner is installed at home, the installation costs will be almost zero, with the exception of any holes to be made on the wall or on the glass of a window for the drain pipe, and the cost of which will depend on the professional. In case you opt for the installation of a wall mounted air conditioner, you will need to contact a certified and qualified technician, required by law and mainly due to the use of fluorinated gases in equipment such as air conditioners. The average cost for installation varies from region to region and based on the difficulty of the operation, materials used and type of plant.

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