Opening Up With the Right Decking Options Now

If you get wood left over from other projects, you may be able to build a box of leftovers available.


  1. Measure and cut 10 pieces of wood 1 by 6 inches the length you want for the cover box, using a circular saw. Glue five pieces of wood with wood glue, placing the long edge of long edge to form the front panel. Glue the remaining five pieces to form the back panel. Let the glue dries.
  2. Measure and cut 10 pieces of wood 1 by 6 inches from the width of the cover box. Glue five boards together to form each side panel, and allow the glue to dry.
  3. Measure and cut enough 1 by 6 inch wood to form the lower and upper part of the cover box. Stick the boards together. Let the glue dries. You can depend on the good outdoor decking company in Singapore for these works.
  4. Cut four 21-inch long pieces of wood 3/4-by-3/4 inches. Place the front panel on your work surface with the back side facing up. Place a strip of wood along each short side of the panel. Set the strips so they are 3/4-inch from each outside side and 1 inch below the top of the panel. Drill pilot holes through the strips and into the front panel, but do not let the drill go all the way through the front of the wooden panel. Attach the strips to the front panel with wood screws. Repeat the process for the back panel.
  5. Hold one of the end panels in place against the 3/4-by-3/4-inch strip of wood, being careful to align the top and bottom edges. Drill the pilot holes through the strip and into the side panel as was done in step 4. Be careful not to pierce one of the screws on the wood strip. Tighten the strap and finish together with wood screws. Join the remaining three corners in a similar manner.

The Right Cleaning Options

You do too much in your day-to-day life so that you can spend your spare time cleaning the house. Follow our tips and tricks, and devote your time to what you like most!

If, when you pick up the clothes lying on the wrinkled guards, it will cost you more work to iron it. It is worth taking 5 minutes to keep it stretched and folded. The good home cleaning services are essential there.

In the rooms, set a day to change the sheets (not all beds at once) and throw them directly to wash so that the laundry does not accumulate. Turn the mattress every 15 days and let it ventilate a couple of hours, so you will not have to vacuum it every week.

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