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Fabulous Persian Rugs

These ornamental rugs made from Iran formerly Persia change your living room to unfathomable artistic attribute. Their stylish and artistic elegance can achieve the needed warmth of your living area. The heavy knotted ornamental rugs are only made in Asia and the biggest exporters include Taiwan, China, India, and Nepal among others. The originality of the Persian rugs is visible by the number of knots per square inch. Normally it is 160 knots per square inch, woven into tremendous designs and colour. Their artistic and symbolic nature is enough to trigger and leave everlasting memories of the past. Every rug is named after a town, village or the tribe in which it is woven. Added tastes of exotic feelings are further added to every knot and weave made. The hue compliments the design which results in a masterpiece carpet. Ideally, the ornamental rugs are made from wool and silk and in some cases a mixture of the two fabrics.

The meaning of symbols, patterns, and colours of Persian rugs

Persian rugs made from animal prints symbolize the superiority of the male figures, kings, and queens of empires in addition to longevity. Positive energy is also included in the symbolic meaning of Persian rugs together with prevention of bad luck. Peacock symbols are associated with divine protection from evil, whereas the lion symbolizes victory in all your life commitments and goals. The elephant symbols express physical strength and dog prints are a symbol of the divine protector of the noble world. A dove symbolizes peace camel prints are associated with abundant wealth.

A plant pattern can also be embedded into the hand-woven ornamental rugs symbolizing different meanings into it. A lily flower symbolizes purity, and so is a Lotus plant. Heaven and eternal peace in the after-world are symbolized by the tree of life. Bamboo prints are associated with abundant wealth and honour whereas pomegranate symbolizes fertility. Ranking and wealth are associated with the Peony plant.

Ranking of Persian rugs by colour

The most popular choice of colour among Persian rug makers is brown which is translated in simple terms as the colour of fertility. White colour can mean three different things and if not properly interpreted can be misunderstood. White colour can be a symbol for peace, purity and at the same time symbolizes grief.

Persian rugs are mostly expensive because of the dye used to make them. They are made from expensive plant dyes and insects in addition to the high quality of weaving knots.

The Difference Between Luxury And Regular Apartment

If you are looking to buy any property you must have come across the words luxury and regular apartments. Now, if you think the cost is the only factors that differentiate luxury apartment from regular Apartment then you are absolutely incorrect. In addition to cost, there are many other things present in luxury apartments that remains absent in regular apartments. So, here we are giving you the basic difference between luxury and regular apartments so that, when start your search for apartments you do not mix up the things end up buying a regular apartment at a luxury apartment price.

Things that luxury apartment usually posses

The luxury apartment comes with ample living space. The apartments constructed in the area of 1000 or 1500 square feet in the posh location of a city cannot be called as a luxury apartment. Instead, an apartment constructed in any location that have the ample living in space, open surrounding clean and silent environment with all the amenities packed is truly called as luxury apartments. Usually, the luxury apartments are constructed in the area of around 2000 to 3000 square feet. Luxury apartments come with the following facilities

  • Ample space for children’s play.
  • Separate space for adults to take a walk or sit to chit chat.
  • All the luxury apartment comes with big size swimming pool, spa center, fitness center, sports ground both indoor and outdoor, etc.
  • This apartment comes with the power backup facility.
  • There remains ample parking space, even for the guest vehicles.
  • These apartments have advance round the clock security system.
  • Many luxury apartments come with safe room, disaster proof construction, electronic buzzers, cameras installed all around.

The regular apartments could also have all these facilities, but the number of people going to use the given facilities would be higher in the regular apartment in comparison to luxury apartments. To have a look on luxury apartments you can check DLF Crest project.

Which is a good option luxury or regular apartment?

Luxury and regular apartment available in the market these days come with various amenities and, therefore, it becomes quite confusing for a first time buyer to take this decision which apartment is best for them.

The regular apartments come within the range of 40 to 60 Lakhs on the other hand the luxury apartments make cost between 1-5 Crores depending on the location. So, one can take the decision to buy regular or luxury apartment based on their budget. However, it is not wise to buy a regular apartment investing 2-3 Crores just because of location.

Explore the options to find the best deal

When your budget is final and you have made up your mind to buy the apartment, then instead of settling down to buy a property after comparing one or two, it is good to explore more options. You never know when you will hit the great deal. One example is DLF Crest Gurgaon property; it is a luxury apartment with excellent price range.

How to maintain roofs and gutters?

Learn to maintain and repair your roofs and gutters to prevent leaks or moisture problems in winter and have your home ready for rain. In the autumn and before the winter begins it is essential to evaluate the condition of the roof. This means repairing the damaged tiles or plates as well as cleaning the gutters and downspouts. This is the best way to prepare for the rainy season and prevent moisture problems inside and outside the home. Before making any repairs to roofs or gutters it is very important to take appropriate safety measures to prevent accidents during work or call for Palestine Roofing Companies experts immediately. Evaluate the best way to climb the roof and access the gutters. Use a ladder in good condition and lease a scaffold to have more stability and comfort during work.

How to clean gutters and drops?

With your hands and using gloves remove the leaves and branches that may be blocking the passage of water through the gutters. Pass a brush with fine bristles to scrape glued dirt. For the cleaning of the gutters you can use brushes with hard or plastic bristles. Everything will depend on the dirt and it is necessary to evaluate that the use of brushes of steel bristles does not break the gutters of tinplate or the PVC.

Wash and unclog

You can use a hose with a piston nozzle or a pressure washer. The water pressure will wash the inside of the gutters and down, drag waste and uncover it in case of obstruction. Using this method you can also check the status of the gutters and drops if they have leaks or holes that must be fixed.

Repair leaks and fissures

You can seal fissures with a grommet applied with a caulking gun or spatula. It is recommend you to protect the head of the screws with a cover as it is one of the areas where you can filter water and moisture.

Conclusion: How to repair a fiber cement roof?

Clean the roof with a broom and brush. The fungi are removed with chlorine diluted in water in a ratio of 1 to 10. Sponge this mixture over the fungi, scrub to eliminate completely. Let dry and the fissures will be exposed.Fissures are usually caused by pressing the screw a lot or by walking on the roof. These fissures continue to be enlarged by the pressure of water on the structure. As a solution to the emergency you can apply an epoxy adhesive which has a catalyst that when it hardens is more rigid. If it were a more flexible one then the iron would continue working and the crack would grow.

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